About Nate

Nate grew up in southwest Baltimore and later in Baltimore County, where he learned the value of community building from his parents and neighbors. As a political organizer and nonprofit leader, Nate has fought to reduce gun violence, invest in public transportation, and provide opportunity for young people. For the past four years, Nate had the privilege of fighting for Baltimore at the White House, where President Obama appointed him to lead the White House Task Force for Baltimore. Now, Nate wants to continue fighting for Baltimore in Annapolis as your state representative.

On the Issues

Fighting for a Safer Baltimore

Baltimore is experiencing a historic wave of violence and crime. Murders are at an all-time high and muggings, assaults, car-jackings and break-ins are rising by the day. In the long-term we have to address the underlying economic inequality driving crime. But too many people are being driven into their homes and losing their lives to gun violence. We have to start by making the streets safe again.

If elected, Nate will fight to get the Baltimore Police Department back to basics, like beat policing that gets more cops walking the streets. He’ll fight to give families and neighborhoods new tools to fight crime, keep kids safe and get guns off the street. He has already advanced creative new solutions, like a special state fund to help reform the Police Department and train new recruits; and a new statewide community safety block grant program to help neighborhoods install street lights and cameras.

Education, Opportunity & Jobs

To build a stronger Baltimore, we need to invest in the next generation and make sure our young people have the opportunity to succeed. Nate will fight to increase funding for Baltimore City schools, invest in strong teachers and school leaders, and make sure that young people are never sent to school to sit in freezing classrooms again. To create jobs, Nate will support small business owners and entrepreneurs - for example by freeing up craft breweries from unnecessary regulations and providing tax credits for angel investors.


Reducing crime in Baltimore, block by block

Baltimore is a proud, energetic city caught in a downward spiral of violence and crime. Last week, Gov. Larry Hogan announced new initiatives to crack down on Baltimore’s most violent criminals, including expanded patrols by Maryland State Police and tougher sentencing laws for repeat gun offenders. Confronting the most violent criminals in Baltimore is vital, … Continued

High standards for Md. cops?

Police recruitment is a major challenge in Baltimore City. Mayor Catherine Pugh, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis and the City Council are all hard at work on the issue, and creative ideas — like offering housing incentives to officers who want to live in Baltimore City — are starting to emerge. More good ideas are likely to come from … Continued